EDU4REWORLD is an international initiative designed by a group of statisticians and economists and supported by Foresight solutions hub (


This initiative is based on the observation that the education systems in many African countries suffer from a major problem: The mismatch between the supply of training and the need for work. The result is that every year, thousands of “competent for a non-existent need” or simply “incompetent for demand” graduates dumped on the job market with little or no hope of professional fulfillment. The diploma is not a reflection of the ability of its holder to solve serious problems in a business setting. It takes more than just a paper (diploma) to be operational in business and it takes much more to create and run a business for self-employment.

The many diagnoses of education systems made over the years do not give each actor in the system (learners, teachers, decision makers) the direction to take for a better performance of the system. There is few feedbacks from job market to education institutions.

EDU4REWORLD aims precisely through an entirely data-driven approach to fill this gap by giving useful and essential answers to each actor entering or leaving the system. The initiative also adopts an innovative methodology to consider the dynamics of the education system. This gives hope of achieving a realistic vision: that: Contribute to the emergence of a tailor-made education system in line with the labor market at any time.